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Be the DON : Noob Guide!!

How to get started & enjoy playing Be the DON.

1) Don't expect to win straight off!!
The mafioso's that play here have done so for a while & know what they are doing.
Use this guide to get you started, speak to the staff if you have further questions and try to join an established family so that they can guide you.
Remember that not all families will take a first round noob.

2) If you are lucky enough to join a good Family, pay close attention to directions.
Never make a move you are unsure of.No attacks unless you are positive of what you are doing.
Being in a family takes Organization and you don't want to get booted from a family for screwing up.

3) In a family there is a Boss and a Consigliere. Ask them questions,if you are unsure.
Whether you are hiring, collecting or attacking, use discretion.
Make sure you know who the Allies and NAP's to your family are.
Hitting a family that is an Ally or NAP can cause alot of problems whcih will come back on you at the end.

4) When you are building(hiring) make sure you have enough DU's to protect your money.
Assure all of them have weapons. AK47's are the best (although higher priced) they give the best kills.

5) Want to make money? The Operatives are what you need to bring in your cash.
Once you hire, you need to buy things like guns, drugs and a business.
You will also need to collect to bring the cash rolling in. In order to collect you need Operatives(OP's).
Hitmen and Hstlers are recommed at the beginning. They give you two hiring choices in one: hitmen(DU's) and hustlers(OP's).
Although a good choice for hiring, you will find you will have more OP's than DU's when you do this.
To add more defensives you can hire Bodyguards and Thugs to even it out.

6) Each round you will receive incoming turns and reserves.
Incoming turns: are turns you get at a set time that add up to a maximum amount of turns.
You must use these turns to keep your turns coming in.
You have two options :-
(a) you can use the turns right away or
(b) save them until you need them by depositing them into your turnbank and withdrawing them for later use.
It is best to log-in each day to use your turns on hand or deposit them into turn bank.
If your turns have maxed and you have not used them or deposited them, they will sit at max and you will not receive anymore incoming turns until you do.
Reserves: are turns that are active when you add them to the round. You decide how many reserves you want to use.
You can use them all at one time or save them until you need them. *but you must use them before round end or you will lose them.
As time goes on, you will have credits which can be used as turns.
You recieve credits on a set rate. You will recieve credits according to your rank in round.
Credits are added to your account in two ways :-
(a)You must win a round in order to recieve credits. Depending on your rank and your family rank is the number of credits rewarded
Credits are stored in your account until you use them.
They carry over to every round until you use them.
(b) You can also purchase credits from the buy turns section at the bottom of the page at any time.

7) Once you have used turns to build, collect and buy drugs, you are now ready to familiarize yourself with the site.
Make sure you have all your men 100% happy (Viewed at the bottom of the page).
You never know when an attack is underway. You must be prepared. Know who is NAP's and Allies with your family.
Those are the families you are to "by no means attack" like a code of honor you must respect a NAP.

8) Check for attack orders, if your family has one, ask if you can attack.
Being a noob you really need to be observant for a while.
Some families will not let you attack until they feel you are well trained to do so.
So try to stick close to the attackers in the family. Learn first, attacks second, be sure you are confident to take someone out.

9) When attacking, make sure you have more men(defensive units) than your victim, Do Not Attack with less.
You will get zeroed, and your money will get stolen.
Online players like to call this kind of attack "suicide". You will kill yourself for doing this. No fun at all.

10) Once you have zeroed someone and taken their cash, make sure to hide all money on hand.
If there is a banker in your family(very important), transfer cash up to the banker to protect until end of round(EOR).
If there is no banker, bank your cash.
You can bank 25% of your cash on hand, then spend remainder cash on hand to buy guns,planes,weapons or drugs.
Anything to keep your networth low and your money free of attacks.
A high networth can cause an attack on you. So try to keep your money as incognito(hidden) as you can.

11) Revenges: Attacks are fun but remember once you have hit someone, they have a revenge against you.
No matter what your networth is they can hit you as long as they have more Defensive Units than you.
You don't want money on hand during a revenge, it will all be taken(ganked).
A revenge lasts for 24 hrs. So remember this, before you make an attack. Especially, if you have no family.

12) As time goes on, you will become a trusted Mafioso in the game(that is what you want)so try to learn and move on to better positions in the family.
The ranks are: Member, Soldier, Captain, Underboss, Consigliere and Boss. Member: is what you will usually rank coming into family.
The Boss & Consig will promote you when they see fit.

Protect Yourself, Be Smart and Move up in Rank. Good Luck .

(Noob Guide by RESPECTA)
© 2007 - 2012 Be the DON

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