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Question 1: What is promotion in the family options

You are now able to have a real Mafia family hierarchy.So if you are the Boss/Don of a family you would be able to promote your guys to Consigliere Underboss, Captains and Soldiers.

A Consigliere is the Bosses confidant and has the same abilities as the Boss himself except the Consigliere cannot fire the Boss or Disban the family.

Just below the Consigliere is the Underboss. Some are groomed to replace the boss if he is old or in danger of going to jail.

A capo acts like a lieutenant, leading his own section of the family. The key to being a successful capo is making money. The capo keeps some of the money his rackets earn and then passes the rest up to the underboss and boss.

The "dirty work" is done by the soldiers. A soldier is the lowest rank among made men. They're part of the family, but they hold little power and make relatively little money. The number of soldiers that belong to any given capo can vary tremendously.

Question 2: How do you invite a player to join your family?

Answer: In the family options type the persons name in the invite section, and then press update.

Question 3: Can you leave a family?

Answer: Yes just press leave in the family room, under family board option, if you are the Boss of the family you need to either disban or promote someone to boss of the family

Question 4: How do I promote someone in my family?

Answer: In the family options, you just need to select the name of the person you want to promote and then press what rank you wont that person and press update.

Question 5: How come it says .... planes are to well guarded?

Answer: You need to have 4 gulfstream jets or one boeing to steal planes

Question 6: Can i change my name?

Answer: Once you pick a name for a round it stays until the next round.

Question 7: Who is the best defensive unit?

Answer: Hitmen make more kills then thugs, thugs make more kills then bodyguards

Question 8: What are the best guns?

Answer: Ak's kill more then Uzi'ss, Uzi's kill more then shotguns and shotguns kill more then Glocks, the guns given to the best units, eg if you have 10 hitmen 5 thugs and 3 bodyguards 10 Ak's 5 Uzi's 3 shotguns, the hitmen will have the Ak's thugs will have Uzi's and bodyguards will have the shotguns

Question 9: Can you have family alliances?

Answer: Yes, you should make sure all of your family is aware of the familys in the alliance

Question 10: How can someone be worth so much, so early?

Answer: Perhaps they are a supporter, it is easy to become a supporter it is just a matter of buying turns from the turns option at the log out screen

Question 11a: What is the protection that it says at the bottom of my screen?

Answer: The protection thing is when you do hire, produce, or collect you will have a protection for the number of turns you use.
So if you use 30 turns you get 30 seconds of protection.
You get 60 seconds at most of protection.

Question 11b: Is that protection from attacks?

Answer: Yes. But its just meant to protect you while you are getting ready. Like you need some guys you will hire them then will go buy some guns. So you have little protection to get ready and avoid getting stabbed while you are doing something.

Question 12: If I post on the MafiaDON board will other players see it ?

Answer: No. The only people who can view the posts on the Mafia DON board are Admins/mods.

Question 13: Can I change my Password ?

Answer: Yes. Under the “Accounts Tab” on the login screen you have the ability to change your password

Question 14: Why are we not allowed to swear on message boards or in chat yet the game has some swear words in it?

Answer: There is NO swearing on the Recruiting Forum or the lounge chat room. You can, however, swear in the boards (but keep it to a minimum) as they are not monitored. Profiles or profile pics that get complaints will be dealt with accordingly.

Question 15:If I choose to quit playing or if I was banned for a rules violation can I get a refund of turns i bought? ?

Answer: No, there are no refunds.

Question 16: How to use reserve turn ?

Answer: You go to main menu > click "you also have x reserve turns " > put amount of turns to retrieve from reserve > apply > check your turns > be happy :)

Question 17: What is the attack range?

Answer: The attack range is meant to avoid strong mafiosos wiping out weak ones. Your attack range goes from 1/2 to 4 times you networth. You can attack people in your attack range.

Question 18: What does it mean when it says "This mafioso has been attacked too much"?

Answer: You can be hit 10 times every hour. Revenge hits and attacks that you lose when being hit, do not count towards the maximum limit.

Question 19: Cancel your Subscription on Paypal?

Answer: If you would like to cancel this subscription, log in to your PayPal account and go to the "History" subtab of the "My Account" tab. Choose "Subscriptions" from the pull-down "Show" menu and press the "Submit" button. Choose this subscription, and click on its "Status." You will be taken to a Transaction Details page from which you may cancel your subscription. Cancelling your subscription will immediately stop all future scheduled payments for this subscription. 

If you dont know how to do it, then provide me with the transaction ID and I will do it for you:


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